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NFT Roadmap Examples to Draw Inspiration From

So what is a good NFT roadmap example? Many NFT creators have asked this question, and we're sure you have also thought about it.

As an artist or team looking to explore NFTs, having a good roadmap can go a long way in helping you get started with your project. It's important that the roadmap has a clear vision of where you want to take your project. This will help you stay focused on the right things while also giving your investors confidence in your project.

But coming up with a good roadmap can be confusing if you're new to the space. In this article, we'll walk through some examples of how other projects have done their roadmaps so you can see what works for them. We hope these NFT roadmap examples inspire you to create your own!

Table of Content

#1 - Top 5 Great NFT Roadmap Examples

#1.1 - Example 1 - Bored Ape Yacht Club

#1.2 - Example 2 - Azuki

#1.3 - LooksRare

#1.4 - Rarible

#1.5 - Binance NFT Marketplace

#2 - Final Thoughts


Top 5 Great NFT Roadmap Examples

We've compiled a list of six great NFT roadmap examples from around the blockchain space. These projects have been active for a long time and offer something unique to learn from.

Example 1 - Bored Ape Yacht Club

According to their roadmap, BAYC focused on hitting specific sales percentages. Although it's not a particularly detailed plan, their ability to see it through to completion shows that they have accurately assessed their skills as developers.

This is a great example of "under-promising and over-delivering."

Example 2 - Azuki

In its "Mindmap," Azuki has organized its objectives into seven subcategories with distinct objectives for each. It's a more streamlined and visually appealing roadmap that does a good job of keeping people in the loop on development.

Each goal has a corresponding icon indicating whether it is "Complete," "Exploring," or "In Progress," giving the community an easy way to see where the project currently is.

This is a great example of being transparent with the NFT community.

Example 3 - Cool Cats NFT

The roadmap for Cool Cats NFT is different from the one for BAYC and Azuki. Unlike these previous roadmaps, which are very visual and full of symbols, the Cool Cats NFTs roadmap example is a text-based timeline.

The roadmap for Cool Cats NFT is broken down into quarterly chunks of information. The roadmap summarizes the next 48 months' worth of quarterly goals so that everyone involved can understand them quickly and easily. This is a great template to use as a starting point if you want to create an NFT roadmap based on a timeline.

This is a great example of "over-communicating" to the NFT community.

Example 4 - World of Women

Let's take a brief detour and examine the World of Women's project plan, which is a successful NFT initiative focused on inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

The team's efforts since the launch have been remarkable. They teamed with Hello Sunshine to produce short films and TV shows, organized the first Worldwide NFT exhibition, and attended the World Economic Forum in Davos. In addition, they released their DAO (DAWoW), unveiled a brand new website, and successfully hosted the WoW gala in the summer of 2021.

They are now in their second phase; their major goals are as follows, and they are discussed in further depth in this Medium article.

  1. WoW in galleries and expos around the globe

  2. World of Women Merch

  3. The WoW Team is Growing

  4. WoW and Charity

  5. Metaverse-ready

  6. Worlds of Women

  7. More Airdrops

  8. On a planet far, far away…

When planning Phase 2 of World of Women, the team did not lose sight of its charitable mission. This is a good NFT roadmap example if you’re looking for how to grow your project without sacrificing its initial goals or vision, all while maintaining strong community support and participation.

This is a great example of a project maintaining roadmap integrity, despite initial success.

Example 5 - NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is another popular project with a perfectly laid out roadmap. The collection, which got affected when Mojang banned NFTs on the Minecraft platform, had a huge success with both in rapid growth and players' base.

Given the success of their first roadmap, they took on a more time-bound approach for their second roadmap. This is a good roadmap example to draw ideas for your project as it perfectly outlines all they plan to achieve within a year.

This is an awesome NFT roadmap idea for projects looking to relate their goals in a straightforward format.

Example 6 - Jadu AVAs

Jadu AVAs is another project with a good NFT roadmap for many reasons. For one, the project’s focus on real-life events and community has greatly contributed to its growth. We chatted with the team, and although they said they don’t have a laid-out roadmap, we found something close to one that you can draw inspiration from.

On the Jadu AVAs avatar page, you’ll find different milestones they’ve achieved and hope to complete going forward. There are no laid out dates and timelines like others on this list. However, the effectiveness of the founding team is enough to trust in the project’s long-term growth. Here’s what’s listed on the roadmap as outlined on the Jadu AVAs page.

  • Release of the AVAs avatars

  • Launch of augmented reality gameplay

  • Full commercial rights to holders

  • Launch of AVA community treasury

  • Hosting of real-life events

  • Funding of other Jadu-focused products

  • Funding of external projects

This is an example of a good NFT roadmap for teams who have proven themselves and are sure to deliver.


Final Thoughts

Not all projects need an NFT roadmap. However, if you do decide to make one, there are many ways to go about it. You can choose between a timeline-style roadmap, a visual representation of milestones, or even a textual summary of the project's progress.

Key thing to consider is that it is better to "under promise and over deliver" than "over promise and under deliver"


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