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Top Tools to Navigate NFTs

Finding the next blue-chip NFT, a good project to flip for some profit or a solid long-term hold can be difficult to identify. As the NFT space is still at the very start of its journey into popular culture, we do not yet have robust mechanisms to aid with the above pursuit. Instead, today we are forced to scour through tons of NFT drop calendars, attending Twitter spaces and hang out in numerous discord servers with the hope of coming across something which piques your interest. Unfortunately, there's no telling which NFT project will 100x or which will execute a rug pull [anyone who claims they do know, are most definitely lying].

However, there are several web tools and services out there which make it easier than ever to find projects that fit your overall goals - This guide seeks to summarize these tools and make it easy to ingest.

#1 - Etherscan

#2 - Rarity Sniper

#3 - NFTgo

#4 - Moby

#5 - CryptoSlam

#6 - NFT Stats

#7 - Icy Tools

#8 - Dune Analytics

#9 - Use this Checklist to navigate NFT collections


#1 - Etherscan

Etherscan is an Ethereum blockchain explorer that helps you find every wallet address, smart contract, transaction, block, and other on-chain data. This website is free to use and one of the most popular options for surfing the Ethereum blockchain.

While you can't use Etherscan to spot new projects, you can use it to track wallet transactions... this is useful to spot suspicious activity within a projects smart contract

What can you use Ehterscan for?

  • Tracking transactions of wallets

  • Minting NFTs directly from the smart contract instead of using the website or marketplace provided to ensure you don't mint the wrong NFT.

  • Checking sales volume of a project

  • Look up the metadata of the NFT, such as its creation date, name of the creator, and other important information to ensure you're getting the right art

  • Tracking gas prices


#2 - Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper does exactly what the name suggests—it helps you find rare items in a collection. This tool lets you search for specific rarity levels within a collection. It also allows you to filter by price range, item type, popularity, date added, and last sale price. The site also shows you the top-selling items in each category.

What can you use Rarity Sniper for?

  • Search for specific rarity levels within collections

  • Filter by price range, item types, and minimum number of items required

  • Sort results by popularity, date, and last sale price

  • Use its NFT drop calendar to see upcoming collections

  • Find rare but under-priced assets


#3 - NFTgo

NFTgo is another great option to find the next big NFT. This analytics platform provides a dashboard where you can view all sorts of information about any given NFT. It also provides useful tools like whale tracking, rarity, and more.

What can you use NFTgo for?

  • See what people are currently buying on the market with its top-trending section

  • Track wallets and activities of whales

  • Use their rarity tool to find hidden gems in any collection

  • Use their NFT drop curation to find out which collections are getting ready for minting

  • Guage the market sentiments and find out the ratio of buyers to sellers


#4 - Moby

Although Moby isn't very well-known, it's an excellent NFT tracking tool. It provides the most up-to-the-minute NFT data and reports. When it comes to keeping track of your assets, Moby can be a lifesaver. For instance, it provides a shorter window span of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, and 24 hours, allowing you to act on your investments and make decisions in real-time.

What can you use Moby for?

  • Know which NFTs are being minted at the moment

  • Learn about the recent activity of wallets and place them on curated watchlists

  • Get instant notifications when a certain NFT goes live

  • Discover the top-selling NFTs in the market

  • Sort NFT collections using real-time data like floor price, trading volume, and sales.


#5 - CryptoSlam

CryptoSlam is another popular NFT tool for market analysis. Users may find NFT collections based on trade volume using this simple yet effective interface. Detailed pages for each NFT series contain live sales, the marketplace, and minting information. In addition to the pricing, special qualities, and rarity rankings, there is a specific website for each NFT.

What can you use CryptoSlam for?

  • Includes an all-time ranking feature for NFT collections to help you search and discover NFTs easily.

  • Features different ranking parameters, including total value, average price, and current price.

  • Allows you to sort collections by price, rank, or volume.

  • View detailed information about each NFT, such as its history, minting details, and other relevant information.


#6 - NFT Stats

NFT Stats is a simple-to-use and informative tool for NFT. The NFT platform provides some basic information on NFT collections. Trending collections, new collections, and the top 30 collections in the previous 30 days are all included in the NFT rankings. The collections are ranked according to their overall volume and number of sales.

What can you use NFT Stats for?

  • Quickly view the top collections sold in the market in the last 1 - 30 days.

  • Understand the current price of each NFT collection through a detailed price chart.

  • View basic information about each NFT collection, such as average price, total supply, trading volume, and owners.

  • It also features a rarity explorer to help you identify rarer NFTs in a collection.


#7 - Icy Tools

One of the most often used tools for discovering trends is It features a "Trending Collections" where users can check which projects have received the most attention in the preceding 24 hours.

For those having a linked wallet, it is possible to view the 15-minute ranking in minute-by-minute detail. This data consists of floor prices and volumes, the most active wallets, and a standard comparison of the rarity of specific tokens.

Because of the premium features, some users choose over competitors. These offer even more specific info on collections, floor prices, and a more comprehensive perspective of an NFT's history.

What can you use for?

  • See how much interest has been generated in any given project within the past 24 hours using the "Discover" tab.

  • Check out trending projects in the past 1 minute to 30 days.

  • Find out who is currently buying and selling your favorite NFTs.

  • Features separate pages for each NFT collection detailing the history of that particular token.

  • Premium account features more comprehensive information on each NFT collection, including real-time prices, wallet analysis, and curated feeds.


#8 - Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics was designed to make Web 3.0 data accessible to everyone. Anyone may share data visualizations and obtain real-time access to NFT trends using Dune Analytics. If you're looking for a free, open-source data supplier, go no further than this community-based platform.

The platform currently works with data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Gnosis Chain. It also features layer-2 solutions such as Polygon and Optimism.

What can you use Dune Analytics for?

  • Create custom dashboards to track your favorite NFT collections.

  • Share your insights with others in the community.

  • View data dashboards created by other members of the community.


#9 - Use this Checklist to Find the Best NFT Collection

With these tools, you can find a promising NFT to jump into. But it doesn't end there, as you still need to do a thorough check on the collection to know if it has enough value or not. Below are some high-level questions to ask yourself before jumping into an NFT collection:

  • What are the properties of the NFT [does it have enough rare traits]?

  • Who are the team behind the project? Are they doxed?

  • Is there a strong community behind the collection or creator? How strong is this community?

  • How many pieces are in the NFT collection?

  • How much will it sell for on the mint day?

  • Which marketplace will it be listed on?


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