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How to Drive Mass Adoption of NFTs?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

This article will provide a short and snappy insight into how crucial having reputable entities within the NFT space, who are focused purely on educating the masses in a simple way, will be THE defining factor to driving mass adoption for the NFT movement. With there being a total of 1 Million unique holders of NFTs on OpenSea, we are still very much at the beginning of NFTs and Education is the key to unlocking the future...

#1 NFT Education NEEDS to be Different

#2 Put in the "50 hours"

#3 NFT Horror stories

#4 Good Educational Movements

#5 NotAnotherNFT - Education Mission

#6 Engage with the NotAnotherNFT Community


#1 - NFT Education Needs to be Different

The word "Education" IRL [In Real Life] is very uninspiring and often triggers memories of teachers, who hate their job, telling students, who hate their teacher, what to do and when to do it. In the NFT & Web3 world, this construct is flipped on it's head - The barriers to learning about WTF an NFT is and why I cannot just "right click, save" instead, is a ridiculously difficult thing for someone to get their head around, let alone understand.

The truth is, if you want to become educated on NFTs in the CURRENT movement, you need to have [A LOT!!] of time, tenacity, curiosity and commitment. After being involved in NFTs for coming up to two years, this is the process I have had to endure to get myself up to any level of respectable knowledge - Yet I still know just 1% in comparison to the plethora of "stuff" which is thrown about, in the NFT community. This is truly what I love about the space.

The current journey to Education within the NFT world needs to drastically change - Barriers to entry need to be torn down, greater structure needs to be introduced, increased objectivity needs to wide-spread and the notion to openly sharing information should be the norm. NotAnotherNFT is at the very start our journey, but we are passionate to play our part in helping make this happen.


#2 - Put in the "50 Hours"

As I was deciding on topics I wanted to write about in this post, I was reminded by a conversation I had with a friend on NFTs and my response to their question "How do I learn about NFTs?"... my response "create a crypto twitter and discord account and engage with the community". From the outside looking into the NFT space, this response may seem incredibly ambiguous and unhelpful - The truth is, in the current day, this is TRULY the best way for someone to learn and navigate educating themselves.

Considering the millions of dollars/pounds that are being exchanged amongst the NFT community on a daily basis, it is actually MIND BLOWING that people are learning how to navigate this space by listening to Cryptoman221 on twitter, who features a PFP [Profile Pic] of an animal NFT with a cigar in it's mouth [Sorry Cryptoman221!]. I am certain we will look back in 5 years and laugh at the current state of education and the route for people to enter the space.

While we at NotAnotherNFT seek to streamline the educational process and produce truly worthwhile and simple content, to help bridge barriers to entry, our advice for those of you who have FOMO and are eager to learn more about NFTs now, I would advise you to do exactly as stated above, follow a few of the more reputable people in the space on twitter [NotAnotherNFT, GaryVee, Banks, DeezeFi, J1mmyEth, Pranksy, gmoney], listen to a few good podcasts [CryptoCasey, GaryVee] and join some discord servers [World of Women, Fluf World]. Be ready for lot's of "WTF" moments, but stick at it and NotAnotherNFT are always here to ask dumb questions to - just tweet us!

{stay tuned to our socials, for a more structured version relating to an NFT starter pack, which is coming soon......!}

One of the core aims of NotAnotherNFT is to build out an Educational platform, where we build an active community who help eachother and learn how to navigate this wild west of the NFT world together! Follow us on that journey...


#3 - NFT Horror Stories

Now the part everyone loves, right? The part of human nature where we shamelessly enjoy [whether you admit it or not] seeking some entertainment from hearing about people making mistakes, which result in far from ideal consequences! Jokes aside, the scamming culture in the NFT space is truly rife and it is important to learn about these horror story scenarios, to ensure you don't make the same mistakes.

...Before we get into that, please do visit our "Top Tips" for staying secure in the NFT space, to ensure you don't end up in a horror story scenario!

One of the most common and most loved scams by those hackers amongst us [Shame on you!], is to hack into well known "blue chip" NFT Project's social platforms and host a so-called "surprise mint" [mint refers to an initial public offering on a NFT project] - As per tip #7 in our Security Tips guide, NEVER EVER TRUST A SURPRISE MINT!!

The most notable example of this, actually dates back to April of this year [2022], whereby hackers gained access to Bored App Yacht Club's [BAYC] Instagram and shared a link directing eager [& unfortunately naive] community members for a "Free" Airdrop - it was a TOTAL scam, with 44 people falling for it, resulting in 133 NFTs being stolen. As per Mashable , 4 Bored Apes, 7 Mutant Apes, and 3 Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs were included within the haul of stolen assets - Estimated to be in the Region of $3 million!

Moral of the story? If these people that were scammed, had a solid level of education as they entered and began to navigate the NFT space, there is a strong argument that they would not have fallen for such a scam! This is truly only touching the tip of the ice-berg for Horror stories in the NFT space, keep in the loop with NotAnotherNFT where will help you extract lessons, from these mistakes!


#4 - Good Educational Movements

While NotAnotherNFT is building out our educational movement, we are keen to highlight good educational movements within the NFT space - one of the biggest and most notable is

Ledger [One of the biggest providers of hardware wallets] have partnered with a number of big projects in the NFT space, including Fluf World, whereby they aim to drive home education for NFTs - the campaign cleverly named "Secure Web3".


#5 - NotAnotherNFT - Education Mission

As we continue to build out our Education pillar, please stay tuned to our educational channel... we could just help you save loosing $$$ through an NFT scam!


#6 - Engage with the NotAnotherNFT Community

Questions, comments of feedback on the above guide?! head over to our community page and get into contact!

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