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gmoney is Pioneering a New Age in NFT Fashion

gmoney, an NFT thought leader and disruptor, has announced the launch of a new brand in the NFT fashion sector called 9dcc. The project will see the launch of several tokenized wearables, which come with digital twins.

Surely, he isn’t the first to come up with the idea of pairing digital wearables with physical replicas. Tiffany & Co’s NFTiff and Nike’s RTKFT collection are good examples.

So, what makes 9dcc different from other projects in the NFT fashion space?

The founder has been careful not to reveal much about the project. But we did some extensive background digging and dot connecting to determine what value the project might bring to the space.

Table of Contents

#1 - gmoney Wants to Create the First-Ever Crypto-Native Fashion Brand

#2 - More on the Product and Technology

#3 - Who Can/Will Buy 9dcc?

#4 - 9DCC Blending Luxury Fashion and Community With Tech

#5 - Can 9dcc Stand the Test of Time? Our Thoughts


gmoney Wants to Create the First-Ever Crypto-Native Fashion Brand

Besides being known for rocking his beanie-wearing ape cryptopunk as his public identity, gmoney is also known for his huge collaboration with Adidas in their recently launched “into the metaverse” fashion NFT project and more recently, his involvement with WAGMI in launching their fan collection.

This time, he plans to bring a whole new perspective to the digital fashion space. According to an AMA with his gated NFT community, AdmitOne, he mentioned that he wanted to bring together different iterations of NFTs that traditional fashion brands have explored in bits, under one roof. He plans to reshape the digital fashion space from a crypto perspective.

gmoney’s motive is to create a unique digital product that he’d love to see and use as a consumer in the space. Hence 9dcc was born as “the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform.”

The name, 9dcc, comes from the last four digits of the brand’s wallet address created on July 14th and posted on the collection’s official Twitter account. The founder noted that he wanted to go for something that was relatable in the crypto space as well as something catchy to also entice non-crypto natives to want to dive into the blockchain rabbit hole and explore what the brand is all about.


More on the Product and Technology

The first product to be launched in the 9dcc collection is called ITERATION-01 and will be a black t-shirt that comes with an NFC chip. This chip will help link the shirt's digital twin, in a way that sees both items travel together.

Fashion firms exploring web3 have struggled to keep digital and physical items together. This is mainly because a seller has to exchange the merch and then return to their pc to send the NFT to the new holder’s address. Most often than not, one gets exchanged without the other, defeating the purpose of having verifiable scarcity.

gmoney hopes to solve this problem by including an NFC chip into each shirt that allows new holders to “pull” the NFT from the previous owner’s wallet upon purchase. Near-field communication chips are not new in the fashion world. Luxury brands have used NFC chips to fight counterfeiting by allowing buyers to authenticate products.

gmoney has partnered with IYK, a tech company tokenizing physical fashion through NFC and blockchain technology, to handle the technical aspect of the products. The company had previously launched a tokenized apparel that allowed for IRL minting of products.


Who Can/Will Buy 9dcc?

For now, the collection will be exclusive to AdmitOne NFT holders, a gated community with 1,000 selected members gmoney built back in May. So, anyone who wants to get their hands on the upcoming product will need to purchase an AdmitOne pass with a current floor price of 8 ETH, despite being a free mint at launch.

The founder’s aim for limiting the drop to only community members is to drive up value through scarcity. This, according to him, was a driving force when he decided to launch the gated community.


9dcc Blending Luxury Fashion and Community With Tech

NotAnother NFT cannot predict how many people will be interested in a brand like 9dcc for now. Especially seeing as only AdmitOne members will be allowed to purchase the collection when it drops. However, we’ve seen how NFTs have become a hot topic in the luxury sector as they serve as status symbols and proof of community membership.

“Ultimately, fashion is a community of people that buy a certain brand because they like the things that brand stands for, and that’s what we’ve seen in the NFT space,” gmoney said. “For me, the next logical step is integrating both those worlds together.”

Besides the technology, gmoney also believes that the physical product speaks for itself in terms of value. gmoney thinks a 9dcc T-shirt is a luxury item because of the care taken in its design, materials, and construction—all of which incorporate cutting-edge technology.

He does, however, anticipate that Iteration-01 T-shirts, being the first release by 9dcc, could turn into collectibles, and he sees NFTs as essential to the process.


Can 9dcc Stand the test of time? Our Thoughts

The idea of owning luxury apparel fitted with modern-day technology sounds exciting. However, we're concerned about the future value of the physical product itself.

We do believe that the concept is interesting and innovative, and there's potential for the product to become a collector's item over time. But we'd love to see more details about the product before making any final decisions. Most importantly, in the aspect of how holders actually use the product.


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